Why you should walk through those doors into your family’s Christmas Eve celebration like a muther friggin’ celebrity - - Well there’s quite a few reasons, and you should be stoked.

But first... ISH TALKING DISCLAIMER (to the haters, not to the lovers): THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME OR MY FAMILY. So please don’t manipulate what I’m writing to make it into something it’s not. Just trying to encourage people out there like the ones that have been pouring their heart out to me lately. I hate that I even have to put a disclaimer but the haters have not been taking any naps lately LOL <3

Back to you. Being a celebrity. This Christmas.

I’ve been talking with so many friends lately who are dreading today’s holiday family gathering because of the (spoken or UNspoken) judgement they get. It makes me so sad that I know so many people feeling this way.  I’m driving to see my family and I can’t wait. And I want you to feel that way too. . Let’s go ahead and fix that - you deserve the Christmas of a lifetime.

That judgement ... You know what I mean ... Aunt Nancy with the eye roll because you’re 31 and you walk through the door single. Family friend Sue quizzing you on your future plans (career and family). Your siblings judging your life choices like they’ve got there ish together more than you do. Everyone peeking out the window to see what kind of car you arrive in. She’s vegan? EW. He married HER? He could have done way better. This stuff is so CLICHE. But dang, it’s so true.

But here’s what you’ve got on your side that you’ve forgotten about. Here’s why you’re actually and secretively ahead of the game. Because of WHO. YOU. ARE. Wait that punch line didn’t hit you hard? You thought I was going to tell you a BETTER more PRACTICAL reason why you should have the confidence of a celeb this Christmas? No my darling, it seems you must have forgotten how uniquely awesome and wonderful and set apart you actually ARE. That your heart is beautiful enough to jaw drop the whole damn room. LISTEN UP: You don’t have to walk around carrying the identity they they’ve placed on you - you can wear your crown instead.

You think I’m being dramatic? Read on.

No wonder we can feel like “less” when so often criticism and judgement comes from people we love. BUT NEWS FLASH: People truly love to throw rocks at things that shine. Even your loved ones. Such a bummer, huh? I think it’s AMAZING that you’ve chosen to be bold and follow your dreams and do something so different with your life. They probably feel low key jealous that you have the balls to do something spectacular & out of the ordinary. You’ve gained 15 pounds and you don’t wanna be seen eating a slice of pecan pie because you don’t want judgmental looks? Girl, I’ve still got Christmas Cookies stuck to my thighs from Christmas 2012 ** Let’s just say it was a bad break up year. Feeling behind in your career? Welcome to the damn club. I think I might be president of it.

But guess what y’all.

A heart of gold that is kind in the face of un-kindness doesn’t happen when you get a college degree. You stopping to visit a lonely neighbor during this time of year doesn’t happen because you’re a CEO. Unconditionally loving those around you isn’t a product of owning a nice car or a two story Pinterest home. Lighting up the room when you walk in isn’t because you’ve finally found the right relationship. It comes from WHO YOU ARE.

And girl (or dude), you’re the BEST. Why you may ask??

Ya see GOD MADE YOU. And he also made your time line for your life. And God’s way more obsessed with our hearts and our character than WHERE we are in life. It’s WHO we are, not WHERE. And there’s so much beauty in being proud of WHO you are.

Could you imagine if people took as much pride in their character as they do in their desired reputation? I tell ya what - the people that I’m in awe of, that I’m obsessed with, are the people that ask me HOW I am, not where I am. The people that give me a hug, instead of a judgmental look. The people that pray for me when I am down, the people that smile too much, the people that GLOW from with in. Because they’ve just got that special something. That unconditional joy. They know what they’re WORTH. And their worth is completely Unrelated to any social status, accomplishment, or mansion. Their worth is THEM. Their soul. A child of God.

True Wealth isn’t measured in things or status, it’s measured in JOY and LOVE. So if this Christmas you’re feeling a little low on “worldly wealth,” confidently know that you can brag on how truly blessed and happy you are, no matter if think you live up to their standards or not. Wrap your damn self and then go lay under their tree - You big ole’ gift, you ;)

LOL If someone actually does that and posts a photo and tags me i'll Venmo you $5. Cuz I'm crazy.

So, Jennifer Aniston. Or Channing Tatum, (if you’re a dude). You’re famous is God’s eyes. He knows you, and he’s constantly watching you like He’s your biggest fan. He’s got bigger plans for your life than the amount of corn bread you’ll eat, and His love for YOU is more than all the presents under the tree. Even if you don’t have a tree, like me. In fact, blow everyone’s minds and treat them all like THEY’RE the celebrity this Christmas. Maybe what they need it just a little love too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you I love you guys so much.



Dannie Anniston LOL JK JK


*Psalm 37:4

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