No one has arrived // No. 10 //

You’ve spent years trying. 





Or students loans.

Practice-makes-perfect strung out. 


And you didn’t get your big break that you THOUGHT you were going to get. Yet. 

Or you DID and it doesn’t fulfill you like you THOUGHT it would. 

Or maybe you genuinely don’t know what you want to “do” with your life. You feel overwhelmed with the number of paths you could take and not to mention, all the pressure you feel to just hurry up and choose a path. 

I’m no certified professional, but NO ONE has “arrived”. 

The girl who has worked tirelessly since college to open her own law firm is now 35 and is struggling with finding a husband to start a family with. 

The mom of three who put her dreams “on hold” to raise a family is now 35 wondering if she’ll ever get to pursue her passion. 

The girl who just won a grammy is depressed because she feels too much pressure from too many people and she feels like she can’t TRULY be herself. 

The girl with a bunch of friends and a great support system just WISHES she could make progress in her career and move up the ladder. 

No one has it all. No one has “arrived”. 

We're all little crumbly Mrs. Field's oatmeal cookies just looking for the other half of our crumbled cookie.

So if you’re having an “if only” moment, we’re ALL “if only-ing” over here. 

Once you hit 25 you start to realize that things just aren’t what you think they are, or how you expect they’re going to be. Not in like a “my glass is half empty” kind of way, but like in a “Wow, I don’t have very much control over this thing called life” kind of way. 

SOOOOOO - 27 has hit me with those crows feet son of a b, but gosh dang it I’m TELLING you, no one has arrived even if their Insta bio says so. And, the REAL key to arriving is THIS- finding and creating joy and gratitude in ANY situation - Promotion or not, you’ve ARRIVED ‘cuz you know your worth lies in who you are not what you do - Husband or not, you’ve still got that gratitude because what defines you is who you are not what you HAVE - Recognition or not - no shame here because you are not what others say or think about you, you are who God says you are. And he says YOU’RE STRAIGHT ROYALTY, BIATCH. 

I’m proud of you, baby girl. Keeping digging for truth and discovering who you REALLY are, and not just relying on the BS answers that this crazy world gives you. Remember - ROYALTY.