Note: Prior to moving to Nashville and rebranding as "Daniella," Dannie Marie recorded and released the pop country songs that are listed below. These songs are all still available for sync licensing! Contact or call (619) 871-3700 for more info.

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  • Dannie Marie owns all the recording and publishing rights on her Highway 8 Records label and Highway 8 Publishing (BMI)
  • All songs are pre-cleared; co-writers have signed publishing agreements with Highway 8 authorizing sync placements
  • Songs and instrumental versions are available in WAV format
  • Broadcast quality, professionally recorded in Nashville and San Diego by non-union musicians (work-for-hire)
  • Anything I Wanna Be and Countin' Down Summertime have received airplay on country radio stations across the US
  • Dannie Marie has performed live on-air and been interviewed at more than 40 radio stations
  • A variety of themes and moods including romance, heartbreak, cheating, being in-love, overcoming adversity and critics, wedding, loyalty, summer romance, flirty, fun, uplifting, sassy
  • Email or call/text (619) 871-3700 or use contact form at bottom of page
Fighting Belle just wouldn't be the same movie without the musical contributions of Dannie Marie. Dannie Marie's music is all heart and, thanks in part, so is Fighting Belle."”

— Sean Riley, Fighting Belle Producer/Director

Flavor of the Week by The Dannie Marie Band had the perfect theme, instrumentation, and vocals for a high school battle of the bands scene in our feature film, Music High (Angelic Pictures).”

Tom Voris, Music Coordinator

Music Library

Upbeat, Summertime, Romance, Tailgate Party, Carefree, Fun

GENRE: Pop Country    SUB-GENRE: Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter
TEMPO: Med/Fast 128 BPM
VOCALS: Female
FEATURED INSTRUMENTS: Banjo, Electric Guitar, Hammond Organ
SOUNDS LIKE: Kelsea Ballerini,Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban
LYRICS:  Available Here

DESCRIPTION:  A fun, upbeat summer anthem revolving around tailgate parties, dancing, moonlight, and wanting the magic of a summer romance to last forever.

MOOD/THEME:  Driving, Optimistic, Carefree, Feel-good, Energetic, Warm, Falling in Love, Cheerful, Bouncy, Good Times, Earthy, Inspirational, Moonlight, Sunshine, Romance, Young Love, Summer

Inspirational, Fight Song, Overcoming Pain, Anti-Bully Anthem

Sassy, Cheating, Revenge, Driving, Southern Rock, Sports Highlights

Heartbreak, Longing, Hanging On, Healing, Drama, Moving On

Bittersweet, Break Up, Tender, Reminiscing, Ballad, Drama, Longing

Carefree, Romance, Flirtatious, Playful, Earthy, Fun, Girl Meets Boy

Ballad, Bittersweet, Tender, Nostalgic, Heartbreaking, Enchanting

Wedding, Romantic, Tender, Nostalgic, Enchanting, Blissful

Feel Good, Romantic, Playful, Buoyant, Breezy, Love Song, Duet

Longing, Hopeful, Celtic, Triumphant, Epic, Driving, Feel Good

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