For the love of YOU. 

To: All the girls that are stuck in the middle. 

The Middle: You haven’t found “the one” yet. Maybe you're single and waiting for the one wondering if he’s even out there. Or maybe you’re with the wrong one until well, you find the right one. 

Been there, girl. But gosh dang it, I learned that that’s not how it works in the world of love ; A little 'love life’ hack to keep close: You can’t be with the RIGHT person while you’re still with the WRONG person. Doesn’t that suck a tad bit? We always think  “Oh, this guy is okay .. for now”. But what we fail to calculate is all of the damage and baggage we are accumulating while consciously choosing to be in a relationship that we know is wrong. And even worse, we risk missing out on our dream guy. 

Before you get discouraged - DON’T. This is not a message of fear, but rather a love note of assurance that yes, in fact, you CAN CHOOSE to save your heart for your dream man. And it's NEVER too late. I repeat: NEVER. I can promise you he’s on his way, will you choose to wait for him? If you feel like you’ve run out of second chances or like you no longer DESERVE your dream boat, you’re wrong, in the best way possible. God never runs out of blessings to give you, and you what you see as your last resort, God sees as the perfect opportunity to bring the big blessing into your life. 

A little bit about my story: A few years ago, I was madly in love. He was the first guy I had ever been IN love with, and boyyyy was I on a high. A few months into dating, I knew in my soul that the relationship wasn’t right. There were some core things we didn’t agree on, but more than anything, i just had overwhelming feeling that dating him was wrong. I remember having one of those moments, where time froze and what my heart had been feeling was actually put into words - I’ll never forget it. We were sitting in my living room having a conversation about “us” and at the exact time he said something that didn’t line up with what I believed, a portrait on the wall jumped out at me. It said “Be True To Who You Are’. This might sound cheesy, but I FELT it in my SOUL. Being with this guy was contrary to who I was. And that’s dangerous. 

But instead of listening to my gut, I continued to date him. For two years. Don’t get me wrong, we had some great times and we were very in love. But some things were OFF. And when your relationship is off, EVERYTHING is off. And then things got real, and before I knew it, I was an emotional wreck every other day because of how he treated me, or rather the lack of “choosing” me. He left me with some very deep wounds. You see, he was not always the loyal kind. He was not always the truthful or honorable kind. He was fun, but not always faithful. It’s like my initial gut feeling was warning me of what was to come. Instead of trusting my gut and bailing at the beginning, I ended up riding an ‘on and off’ roller coaster for two years. 

BUT HERE’S WHERE IT GETS GOOD. About two months after I (FINALLY) ended that relationship, not only was a weight lifted off my heart and soul, but something amazing happened.  

A guy named Jake Szetela commented on my photo on Instagram. And then pursued me like I’ve never been pursued before. And this time it was right. And he was everything I’d ever wanted. Everything I had wanted in my dream man had suddenly SHOWED UP.

It’s funny because I spent two years being so emotionally wrecked and the moment I chose to end that relationship, something amazing was brought in to my life.  

BUT, what I really feel like I need to tell you, is that it’s okay to end a relationship just for THE LOVE OF YOU. You don’t need any other reason than the fact that you don’t feel right about it. We should love ourselves enough that when we started getting our phone calls declined and stood up, that we end it. Even if he shows up the next day with flowers. Flowers don’t mean anything if they are an apology for something that happens over and over again.

I truly believe that when you step out in faith and end something you know it not right for you, THEN the blessing will show up. Into your life ,out of nowhere. It might be two weeks after, it might be two months later, it might be two years later. I'm not sure of your love timeline because all of our love stories are different. And that's a GOOD thing. If all our love stories were the same, there wouldn't be a Jasmine and a Belle and a Sleeping Beauty and a Cinderella. There would only be a Jasmine, and c'mon! We would have missed out on all of those other beautiful love stories.

So, be excited that your love story is awesome and is going to get better every day. And your love story has more to do with YOU then with anyone else. No matter what you feel like you need to do in your life today, make sure it's FOR THE LOVE OF YOU, and know that you are WORTHY of every GOOD THING.



D Marie


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