I know, I know. You've been working hard for YEARS and you haven't seen the success you thought you would have by now. Guess what? SAME. In fact last week was pretty dang discouraging when I started facing some serious vocal issues. Like I'm moving to Nashville in a couple months to be a country SINGER. This can't be happening right now, can it?! Why yes, yes it can, and yes it is. But ya know what, I have a feeling that I'm around, let's say, chapter 4. 

Chapter 4 of what? Oh, my life.

I'm not at chapter one when I started singing and my voice was the strongest it's ever been because I was in vocal lessons EVERY week for YEARS. I'm not at chapter two when I was touring with my band, or on my nation wide radio tour, or playing Country Thunder (life highlight). BUT, I'm also not at chapter 19 where I am 55 with 6 children and getting ready to go on a cruise with my newly retired husband. My point is, MY STORY IS NOT OVER YET. And neither is YOURS.

Have you ever noticed that a story is never amazing until you TELL it? But in order to TELL that story, there has to be have a beginning, a middle, and an END. Or as I like to call it, a happily ever after. So if you find yourself sitting on your couch eating some cheese puffs thinking, "Dang, this really doesn't make sense. Like I'm ALMOST there. I feel like there's supposed to be more to this. I'm supposed to succeed. I know i am. I feel it. I'm hungry for it. I don't feel like I've made it yet. And I know deep down, I HAVE to."...if that's you - - YOUR STORY ISN'T OVER YET. You're probably on chapter 4, too! Or maybe even 6 or 7. But your story hasn't ended yet! Which means all you have to do is KEEP GOING.

Incase the world has you thinking otherwise, there is no such thing as an overnight success. Those "over night successes" worked their tails off for years but it's just in a blink of an eye that the rest of the world recognizes who they are and what they're doing. "Household names" would have been "no-names" if they would have quit when the rest of the world told them their time was up. And we all know this, but Thomas Edison didn't have lightbulb success until after 1,000 times of working towards it. Picture that for a sec... have you heard "no" 1,000 times? Have you been rejected 1,000 times? Have you failed 1,000 times? Good, you're in the company of genius's. 

Out of all the classes and seminars I've attended through out my life, they say that when it comes to achieving success, there is always ONE thing beats TALENT, looks, connections, skill, intelligence and money. The ONE things that trumps all of that is NOT GIVING UP. Perseverance. That's good news for me. 'Cause I'm not the cutest or the smartest or the most talented but I sure as hell can stay in the race longer than most. Here's to never giving up, babes! I KNOW from the bottom of my heart that your biggest & wildest dreams WILL COME TRUEJust keep swimming ;)