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"Country Club" out NOW!

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I love how Daniella seamlessly mixes Pop/EDM beats with country lyrics in her new single "Country Club." Such a fun, upbeat jam! Be on the lookout for this one folks. She's the real deal.”

Cody Murphy, Host of Weekdays with Murph on Indie Country Radio

Blending the sounds of Pop and EDM, yet staying true to her country roots, Daniella turns the key and opens the door to her new single Country Club when the clock hits midnight on New Year's Eve.”

Brian Garris/Buzz with Brian

My favorite line is when Daniella says ‘If you’re uninvited, then you’re invited. If you’re not in the in-club, you’re with us now’ WOAH!! I think every single woman has felt uninvited or not part of the cool kids club at some point in her life. I think this song is something so many of us can relate to. It makes you feel like you can come as you are, and you’re welcomed anyways.”

Taylor Sutter/Blue Bandana Country

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